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   The beginnings of Capitol Lunch didn't start with hot dogs oddly enough. The location was originally a little shoe shine shop that began to sell hot dogs to attract customers. Eventually the hot dogs became so popular that Capitol Lunch was founded in 1929. Since then the famous Capitol Lunch Hot Dog hasn't changed much.
   During the mid-1950's long time owners Arthur Unaris and Nick Sangeloty began running Capitol Lunch. Back then, you could get a hot dog with everything on it for 15 cents. In 1962, Capitol Lunch moved its location to Main Street. For 20 years, Capitol Lunch made a name for itself with its unique set up. People walking by the store could look through the window and see the grill full of hot dogs. Inside, there was a long counter with about 12 stools. Factory workers were known to stop by and take a hundred hot dogs to go at a time!
   In order to accommodate the growing customer base, Capitol Lunch moved to its current location at 510 Main Street. The business still remains in the same family. Today, you can get the same hot dog for a bargain at $1.90…loaded with a slab of yellow mustard, a mound of chopped raw onions, and our Famous Sauce.
   Capitol Lunch would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of our Grandfather, Arthur Unaris.

 Arthur Unaris